Since 2003, PermaCity works with public facilities, real estate Portfolio owners, and business owners to convert unused roof assets into revenue while contributing to a sustainable climate, reduced heat island, and elimination of local air pollution. PermaCity provides project funding from a dedicated $250M solar fund for FiT, PPA, ESA, and Leasing. PermaCity is the largest commercial solar developer and installer in Los Angeles with more than 150 MWs installed and operating on more than 14 million square feet of commercial roofs, including Westmont Industrial Complex, the largest solar roof in the World at 16.4 MWs, the L.A. Convention Center, Fox Studios, and many others. Affiliate PermaCity Skybride is a Veteran focused Union construction company specializing in DC solar roofs deploying PermaCity’s patented SolarStrap manufactured in Los Angeles.

“We see every rooftop as a power plant and a unique opportunity to
save on electricity costs while helping to save the planet.”


MWs Solar Installed
s.f. of Commercial Solar Roofs
U.S. Veterans Hired


Westmont Solar Energy Project by PermaCity is strong evidence of our commitment to a sustainable future.

ERIC GARCETTI , Los Angeles Mayor

One of the challenging aspects of our project involved planning and designing the installation of the roof top solar array in a manner that did not disrupt the numerous events we host in the exhibit halls below. PermaCity?s design solution and execution of the project was terrific; allowing us full continuity of business without a hitch.

THOMAS FIELD, Chief Operating Officer of Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism Development

PermaCity’s unique SolarStrap technology and company expertise financing and building large industrial roofs is a game changer for our clients.

TRES REID, Senior Vice President of CBRE

We are very satisfied with SolarStrap performance and support and impressed by its quick permit approval process.

ILIAS GARIDIS, Operating Partner of True Green Capital

Solar helps us offer the best prices and the best quality, and lets us spend wisely on the energy we need.

GRAIG STEVENSON, Solar Project Manager of Costco Lancaster

CRAFTED is proud to contribute the first major solar project to the Port of LA’s mandate to mitigate carbon emissions through solar development.


We are thrilled to be a leader in the adoption of clean energy and proud to say that we have built the largest solar rooftop in Los Angeles

DO WON CHANG, Founder of Forever21

PermaCity delivered a fantastic carport design, built it to highest quality standards, and on budget. It?s made a permanent impressive feature for our Corporate Center.

KENNY TANG, Facilities Manager of Cathay Bank

There will be tons of roofs out there that will be able to use PermaCity’s SolarStrap for their installations and reduce their costs at the same time.

ANH WOOD , Solar Manager of LADWP

We worked with Permacity to help develop the attachment method and we think their SolarStrap is probably the best racking system that?s on the market today.

BILL SHEVLIN, General Manager of Platinum Roofing

When we drive innovation like the SolarStrap, we?re able to set an example that people will actually follow and build a cleaner system with brains because we really can?t have impacts on global warming unless we innovate our way there.?

CAMDEN COLLINS, Ratepayer Advocate of City of Los Angeles

I?m very happy with PermaCity. Every roof is different. You have to do a custom job. That?s what PermaCity does. They give you that one-on-one experience.

ED BEGLEY JR., Actor / Environmentalist

PermaCity’s team was always willing to work with the District and provide flexibility when needed, which distinguished their company as a provider that the LAUSD would trust again to do further business.

JACOB TSUI, PV Program Lead of LAUSD

Solar technology, along with PermaCity’s SolarStrap that allowed non penetration of the roof, you’re going to maintain that integrity and the efficiency. And it is a game changer for Carlisle roof systems because it allows that movement.

KIMBERLY SIMPSON, Sales of Carlisle SynTec Systems

Technological innovations like SolarStrap are going to bring down costs and make this building more prepared in case of an earthquake.

MARY LESLIE, President of Los Angeles Business Council

PermaCity’s ability to bring our job in on time and on budget is ample proof of what sets PermaCity apart from virtually every other provider in the field of solar energy.