Los Angeles, CA – October 12, 2010

PermaCity Solar, an innovative leader in specialized energy solutions, announced today that it will be working with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District to install over 100,000 square feet of solar panels on nine schools including: Franklin, Will Rogers, Roosevelt, Grant, Muir, McKinley, Cabrillo, Webster and Pt. Dume.

Through an innovative power purchase agreement and an initial grant from the city’s Solar Santa Monica program, the school district will not have to pay for panels or their installation and will see immediate savings on utility expenses.

“The school district’s solar project represents a big step forward towards the community’s long-term renewable energy goals,” said Susan Munves,

Energy and Green Buildings Program Administrator at Solar Santa Monica. ‘The city’s Solar Santa Monica program provided financial and technical support to SMMUSD throughout the process. We’re very proud that one of Solar Santa Monica’s preferred contractors, PermaCity, was the solar contractor able to make this project work.”

The solar installation is expected to generate nearly two-thirds of the schools’ power needs. Additionally, it could save the district up to $5 million and reduce 24,000 tons of C02 emissions over the next 25 years.

Herb Mendelsohn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PermaCity comments, “These 9 installations at the Santa Monica Elementary Schools will inspire a new generation of Eco-minded youth. PermaCity will lead programs to teach the students about their solar power. Their solar systems will eventually save the school system enough money to reinstate programs which have been cut due to the recession .”

About PermaCity Solar

PermaCity Solar is an innovative leader in specialized energy solutions. The company ensures its clients minimize their carbon footprint and maintain a long-term, competitive advantage by installing solar power systems engineered to significantly reduce energy costs. PermaCity Solar has demonstrated particular expertise in designing and installing its systems atop large commercial buildings, government institutions, and homes. Its industry-leading techniques can create 100% energy independent buildings. PermaCity Solar believes that on-site clean energy generation can be achieved through the implementation of solar systems that utilize environmentally friendly and energy efficient building materials in a cost-effective manner. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company draws from a professional staff of more than 230 and creates hundreds of local jobs. Since 2006, PermaCity Solar’s large solar group is partially owned by Mangan, Inc., specialists in engineering and automation.