Solar Electricity

PermaCity will make your transfer from grey energy to green electricity as painlessly as possible. With an investment quality installation and real bottom-line savings, you will wonder why you ever lived without solar.

Solar electricity has been in use for over fifty years, and it is still considered a leading edge technology. It has long been the dream of scientists, homeowners and businesses alike to be able to easily access the clean, and abundant electricity from the sun. PermaCity is proud to be a leader of the continued advances in solar power .

Solar electricity works by harvesting the sun’s photons with solar panels covered in photovoltaic cells, then and turning the electrons into emission free energy.

The installation solar electricity is quickly becoming the best and most popular alternative energy solution on the market. Not only does switching to solar electricity help the environment, but it also stabilizes your electricity bill. Our clients love that they pay the local utility company little, or nothing.

Solar electricity is quickly becoming the most popular alternative energy solutions on the market. From industrial buildings to homes, people are realizing that solar electricity is smart electricity. PermaCity can make your evolution to renewable energy easy and painless. With an investment grade installation from PermaCity Solar, you will wonder why you or your friends ever lived without it.


We are a power dependent culture and that mode of existence is not changing. To survive buildings must waste nothing and gain everything from naturally occurring resources. Heating, cooling, cooking, fuel for your vehicle, and power from your home is generated locally and exported whenever possible.

Doubt it if you wish, but many scientists believe we are at the beginning of environmental disaster. We may avert that disaster with the immediate adoption of Zero Energy Buildings (ZEBs.) They not only save energy, but they lighten the burden of all of the working appliances and machines inside, using only the amount of energy produced on the roof and wasting nothing. A Zero Energy Building will utilize several renewable energy technologies such as passive and active solar thermal and solar electric, heat pumps, many green building products such as high R-Value insulation, high-efficiency windows, LED lighting, grey water, and rain water harvesting to work as one power-saving holistic building or home. Our founder Jonathan Port even uses his swimming pool to heat and cool him home with solar electric powering a heat pump.

PermaCity is looking for a few groundbreaking projects to help bring true ZEB buildings to market. Please contact to share your interest and to make an appointment with our founder Jonathan Port, who is dedicated to see these integrated buildings succeed.


Solar Hot Water is the most widely used and cost-effective solar technology on the market today. Your can harness the sun to heat water for your shower, your pool, your dishwasher.

To date more than 1.5 million American homes and businesses have invested in solar water heating systems. PermaCity offers a full complement of solar thermal solutions. We design and install solar pool heating systems, domestic and commercial solar hot water systems. Solar Thermal is environmentally friendly and can be installed to blend in with the architecture of your home or business.

Solar Hot Water is the most widely used and cost-effective solar technology, and can easily be used throughout the year to provide clean, guilt-free hot water for your home, pool, or commercial building. Federal tax incentives and healthy California state-wide rebates make thermal an attractive option for those interested in stabilizing their energy bill.

Any apartment building with central hot water, any restaurant, brewery, dairy, cannery, or other food processor that needs water over 100 degrees, should stop burning oil, coal and natural gas, Get your heat for free, from the sun.

We are happy to provide an energy analysis and a free solar site assessment. PermaCity can help you kick the fossil fuel habit for good.


PermaCity Corporation is a full service solar energy company. We work with our clients to provide everything they need from beginning to maintenance in terms of their solar energy needs. We partner with you to ensure that your solar power needs are met and that you are fully informed and make the best decisions for yourself, your business or your family.